Reisen, Zalman (Reyzen, Zalman)

   Lithuanian Yiddish editor and scholar, brother of Abraham Reisen. He was born in Koydenev, Belorussia. In 1915 he moved to Vilna, where he became a leader of the new Yiddish cultural movement. He edited the Yiddish daily Vilner tog (1919-39) and was a lecturer in Yiddish and Yiddish grammar at the Folk University and the Vilna Yiddish Teachers' Seminary. His writings include a grammar of Yiddish, a study of the origins of modern Yiddish literature, and a biographical and bibliographical encyclopaedia of Yiddish literature.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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  • Reisen, Abraham (Reyzen, Avrom) — (1876 1953)    American Yiddish poet and story writer, brother of Zalman Reisen. He was born in Koydenev, Belorussia. Initially he wrote tales and simple lyrics. He advocated the recognition of Yiddish as the Jewish national language, and helped… …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

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